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Where did my nutrition journey begin?

I have always taken a keen interest in the world of nutrition and health and the benefits it can have on all realms of wellbeing – physically, mentally and emotionally. After researching various courses the path of Nutritional Therapy appealed to me the most due to the fact that it focuses on the root causes of ill health as opposed to merely treating the symptoms. As a practise, nutritional therapy draws on current and emerging nutrition science and research and provides an individual approach to healthcare based on diet and lifestyle change. I am a firm believer that what we put into our bodies as well as the lifestyle choices we make affect all aspects of health and lay the foundation for not only a healthy body but a healthy mind too!

How did I come to specialise in Women’s Health and Fertility?

The ability for our bodies to produce another human being is both incredible and utterly fascinating to me! Pregnancy is a time when nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are critical. Moreover, statistics evidence that the number of people seeking help to fall pregnant is increasing and I believe the lifestyles we lead as well as what we are fuelling our bodies with is a significant contributor to this rise. 

What are my areas of focus?

My area of focus is therefore on all aspects of fertility and the pregnancy journey, from pre-conception (both male and female), through each trimester of pregnancy and finally post-pregnancy. Whether you and your partner are considering starting a family and want to ensure that you are in the healthiest state you can be or if you have been trying to conceive naturally for a while or are going through/about to commence IVF and feel you need assistance from a nutritional standpoint – I would love to help.

My Services

I offer support, advice and guidance through every stage of your pregnancy from pre-conception to after the birth

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