Postpartum Support

Who is this package for?

This package is for those looking for support during the postpartum phase. This can be a challenging time for any new parent and a time when self care can fall by the wayside. However it is also a time when self care is absolutely critical. This package will aim to support you by focusing on ways in which you can maximise your strength and energy, aid healing post birth, foods to support breastfeeding if applicable, as well as quick and easy recipes for new parents who don’t have a lot of time on their hands!

How much does this package cost?

Package name: Postpartum support  Cost: £195

What does this package include?

A 60 minute initial consultation where we will have a comprehensive discussion around your medical history, health, diet, lifestyle, pregnancy journey so far as well as your goals and aims of the consultation.

Based on this discussion I will then put together a comprehensive and bespoke plan for each individual inclusive of dietary advice, sample meal plans, lifestyle suggestions and any supplements and functional testing recommendations I think might be necessary.

If you decide to proceed with any tests I can order these for you.

Two 30 minute follow ups where we will discuss how the plan is going as well as any new symptoms or areas you wish to discuss.

Email communication for any questions you might have is included for up to two weeks after your follow-up consultation.

An ebook with information about the fourth trimester (such as extra calorie requirements, tips for aiding milk flow and post birth recovery) as well as support and tips for beyond this – helping you get back on track and feeling great! 

How will the discussions be conducted?

Choice 1: Face to face in Cambridge (CB5)

Choice 2: Face to face at The Form Practice (CB23). Click here for more details.

Choice 3: Online via Skype 

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